Mitransh College of Pharmacy Parbatsar


     It is a well known fact that in a democratic country, outcomes of democracy depend upon the degree of education, especially in a wide democracy like india, a sound education system is very essential.

     It is a subject of pleasure that after Govts. Have been doing well in this field. After independence every govt. In centre and states gave special focus on education and every possible efforts have been made to improve the quality of education in country.

    The model schools project are one of them on which we can feel proud. It is a very ambitious project of centre and state govts. In which deprived class children are provided the high class quality education without any fee. These are the CBSE affiliated English medium science schools where students are taught by expert teachers and by co curricular activities like dance, art and craft, yoga, painting and games classes it is tried to ensure all round development of students. It is amazing that four free educational visits including a inter state educational visit are held in  an educational session.

    Rich library, controlling by cctv cameras, specific plans of manage the educational environment of the schools and full support of govt. Have brought these schools much ahead than big names in private schools in their respective areas.  

   Remember one thing that it is nothing but education that will bring qualitative changes in lives of our citizens and will stand our country among the developed nations.

   So we have to join hands to uplift the educational quality of our nation so that the dreams of our heroes of struggle of independence can be fulfilled.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Principal